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11 Oct 2018

The Valerie Solanas

With a boundless imagination, The Valerie Solanas have been able to build bridges between the most incompatible music genres for years. Think Frank Sinatra, Nick Cave, Jethro Tull, The Doors, just to name a few. A unique band that is teeming with creative eclectic outbursts and literary references. Live, visual artist Bert Lezy, depicts the subject of the lyrics on a big screen.


05 Oct 2018

Eli Goffa supports Paul Weller at a sold out Depot!

When you have the audience, who finally did not ask for you, singing along and you receive a really warm applause afterwards, one can say the support-act is been successful.

Read all about Eli Goffa here...

19 Feb 2018

Slow Pilot

The band around Pieter Peirsman, the first male live singer of Hooverphonic, full-time hyperkinetic and musical splinter bomb, loaded with highly flammable song material. His nose for good melodies and powerful hooks impressed K's Choice and Jef Neve who promptly took him along the Radio 1 sessions and Café Corsari. As a vocal acrobat with supple chords he swings on the trapezes between Buckley, Cornell, McCartney and Neil Hannon. Peirsman played on almost all major stages from AB in Brussels to Paradiso in Amsterdam. Sooner or later this Slow Pilot will catch up with you.


12 Feb 2018

The Wild Century

Harmonic basses, mantric rhythms and ethereal grooves in a sitar-tuned cosmic dimension. Welcome to our odyssey. This is The Wild Century.


23 Dec 2017

Eli Goffa "Written In the Stars" out now on The Human Records!

On December 23rd 2017, the long-awaited record of Eli Goffa was released. The full band introduced the newborn with a release show in the Stadsschouwburg of Sint-Niklaas.

You can buy the album here!

11 Oct 2017

Het Depot recruits Eli Goffa as Artist in Residence!

Eli Goffa received the key of Het Depot's front door. Het Depot confirms hereby its trust in Eli Goffa as an artist. And so did we!

Read all about Eli Goffa...

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